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About Me

Hi, welcome!

My name is Dayna, I'm Scottish and I'm 25. That's the basic boring stuff out of the way, now for the fun stuff! I'm an Aquarius, in fact, I share the same birthday as Anna Silk - the angel of a woman  I based Naomi's appearance on. Crazy, right?! My jaw dropped when I first found out, then I met her in person and I've never been able to pick it up since! And then there is Rachel Skarsten, I couldn't possibly insert enough heart emojis to do justice to my love for her either. What a truly magnificent human. 

And how lucky I am to exist at the same time as Rachel and Anna. Good job destiny, I owe you one for that!

BUT now I'm digressing, I'm afraid I don't have any incredible stories to tell about myself - I'm much better at creating them through fiction. I'm an introvert and the quietest person at a party, but I love making people laugh and I'll be the first one in your corner if you are down. I'm very family-orientated. No, really, I can finish my brother's sentences for him and there is an 86% chance that I'll tell you stories about my grandparents within the first ten minutes of meeting you. Oh, I love animals too! All of them. Every. Species. Even the terrifying ones at the bottom of the ocean with ten thousand tiny teeth and fifty eyes. I'm also an avid Funko Pop collector (no, I'm not joking) and I love anime, tv shows, movies, music, art, books, scenic views and playing pool awfully against people who can easily beat me. You know what else? I adore people supporting people. We need more of it in the world, and there is plenty to go around.


Oh, I also used to be a brunette, but now I've become blonde! x o x o

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