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Rachel's Birthday Project

April 23rd marks the 36th birthday of

Rachel Skarsten, and what better gift to

give her than the gift of community and kindness! Her fans are banding together and donating to one of Rachel's favourite causes - Sea Legacy.

As you know, Rachel is an avid supporter of charities and any cause that will improve our world, and we want to keep spreading the love with her and for her.

If you want to get involved, please see the details below!


Instructions below

If you would like to make a donation, you are welcome to do so by clicking the 'donate' button below. There is no minimal limit, whether it is $1 or $100 it is still helping a good cause! So please only donate an amount that you are comfortable with.

How it will work: donations can be made to my PayPal account so that I can then total it all together towards Sea Legacy. We chose this option rather than donating individually to the charity because we want to give Rachel our own personal total of how much we raised. The final amount will be available to see on Instagram and here.

If you would like me to contact you and give you a screenshot to show that I have received your donation, as well as a screenshot of the total amount donated to Sea Legacy, please let me or Ale know! Contact details are further below.



I'll be taking the donations for Sea Legacy and updating the total amount collected. If you need to reach out, please do so, I've linked my insta below!

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Ale will be managing the heart of this project, and she will also be the one sending it to Rachel on her birthday. She can also be contacted via instagram.

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Rach is the gem of a human that we are doing this for. Her birthday is April 23rd, so go and send her as much love as you can!

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