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About the author

Dayna Scott is a Scottish-born author, creator, and dream-chaser who debuted with her first novel 'Darren's Death' in 2019. With extracts in various anthologies and magazine articles, she pursues her craft in writing passionately - currently working on a sequel book to her series, as well as two standalone pieces. When she is not busy jotting her next piece of fiction, she pursues her interests in interviews and discussions with different creators and supporting charities all over the world.

Dayna's lineage holds some interesting historical figures: she is a descendant of the great Sir Peter Young - tutor of James VI of Scotland, son of Mary Queen of Scots. Dayna also has roots within the family of British Navigator and Explorer, Captain James Cook.


In her free time, Dayna enjoys delving into video games, reading manga and most importantly being around her family. Her pride and joy in her life are her two dogs, Syradis and Kolt - she tends to ramble on about them and forgets to hit the brakes!

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