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Rachel Skarsten

Take a little look at my chat with Rachel on Valentine's Day, where we talk a bit about Raincoast Dog Rescue, saying nice things to people out of the blue and a touch on cancel culture.

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Anna Silk

Watch along some of my discussion with Anna Silk. We chat about her new puppy and how he got his name, as well as what makes a good book to pick off the shelf, and the loving bond of the Lost Girl cast.

Anna is an ambassador for Plan Canada.

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Bekka Prewitt

I had the delight of chatting with the lovely Bekka Prewitt about all things House Dimitrescu, her journey into voice acting, and her incredible charity work. We also talk about acts of kindness in the every day world and why love should always outweigh hatred.

Bekka has been involved with charities all over the world and our chat highlights International Justice Mission: a global organization working to end slavery and violence.