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The first volume

by Dayna Scott



Darren's Death

Naomi Carson is a castaway woman at the end of the world; a half breed born in Hell and persecuted by her barbarous demon family. In an apocalyptic Earth, she meets Ryleigh Adams, a benefactor for humanity with a heart too big to measure. Naomi hates company, but Ryleigh hates solitude. Together, they travel to the capital: Eden. The largest human settlement. At first, it seems an impregnable safe haven, but behind the walls lie troubles far more secretive and treacherous than its inhabitants are aware. Conspiracies, treason, back-alley blood brawls, and one fundamental rule: humans only.


The following months see Naomi's struggles to survive one crisis to the next. Unabated dangers lurk in every corner, and harrowing choices reveal that sometimes the real monsters come from deep within.


Demons wage war on Eden and Naomi stands between two worlds, belonging to neither and having no middle ground. Will she oppose the hordes of Hell, a path fraught with peril? Or will she aid humanity?


It is a battle of duty versus heart.


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